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USERLabAsia name brands, position them, give them identities & personalities and communicate what they do through writing the words, drawing the pictures, applying images/photographs by creating collaboration between, creativity, usability and technology. We employ the best creative talent comprising of team members from the premier Design and Arts colleges to Build Brands.

We offer following Branding and Visual Communication Design services:

Branding & Logos

An aesthetically pleasing visual design enhances the brand recall value by creating a long-lasting impression and IMAGE on quality and highlights the brand identity of the company. An exercise on BRANDING can become successful only when – there is complete clarity in understanding the company, products/services and then establishing a connection between the brand(s) to the business strategy in a meaningful way. In addition – a logo's design is the foundation in building the corporate identity and the brand.

User Lab Asia helps the companies with their Product / Service differentiations in a logical manner, followed by Branding, and the design of Logos. The seamless flow of visual identity will attract attention, capture the essence of business and helps in building a loyal and emotional brand and help assert the company as a leader in the industry through creative ideation and qualitative and quantitative research.

Wayfinding and Signage Design

Way finding and signage is providing foolproof directions to traveling people / visitors to cities, campuses, public services or utilities and it includes all aspects of communication between the place and the visitor.

It considers all the tools, which can help in sharing way-finding information with visitors such as - Print and broadcast media, the Web, new technology gadgets, and signs in the environment. An effective way finding design requires detailed understanding of how people respond to their surroundings and to visual influences. Way finding aids needs to be designed keeping the principal of inclusive design so that the help is accessible and useful for all the population without any limitations due to factors of language OR disabilities etc.

Icons & Screen Design

Visual design plays a key role in generating an immediate impression about the quality of a user interface. The icons play an important role in improving the usability of the system.

UserLabAsia helps its clients by providing easily memorable and intuitive icons, which enhance the self-descriptiveness of the interface, enable various functions to be registered, raise the user’s visual orientation, and thereby assist the process of familiarization with the system/software.

All the icons produced undergo an internal quality control in which each icon will be evaluated with regard to its graphical quality, uniqueness and memorability. The finalized Icons can be provided in the required sizes and states, also with rendering specifications for the different contextual needs.

Packaging and Product Graphics

Although Packaging has the primary goal to attract customers’ attention, the package designs cannot simply inform the customers about the content, but also provoke feelings and communicate emotions. An effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity and is just nice to have on the shelf. It is also important for any good packaging to protect the product, which it is holding and helps the consumer easily carry the same.

USERLabAsia team of talented designer helps you create packaging for your products, which can help to inform, provoke feelings, and communicate emotions apart from the functional value-additions, for ex: providing better protection to the product in new-ways, using DESIGN!

Brochure and Print Media

A good brochure or any print media (e.g. flyers etc.) helps the organization to deliver message of their business to its targeted audiences effectively. A good designed brochure or any print communication contributes to the growth of an organization.

USERLabAsia team of creative designers helps in reflecting the nature, philosophy, mission and goals of an organization in the most effective way by using appropriate fonts, text and visuals.

Websites and Multimedia

Website is a window, which represent the organization brand, culture and the offerings to the world.

USERLabAsia believe that usability and creativity are the two very important aspects of any online entity. Our talented teams of designers help in creating business-centric and user-centric virtual presence to organizations having presence in any of the verticals.


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