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Interactive products are becoming part of everyone’s daily life. The User Experience, or how the user experiences the product, is the key to the success of these products. Whether you are developing your website, software application, service or any consumer product or appliances, it is very critical to understand how your target users receive and perceive the same.

How you can build meaningful and emotional relationship between them and your customers and end users, becomes critical for success in market place.

USERLabAsia strives to design interactive products, services and appliances to support people in their everyday life by understanding how user acts and react to the interactive products and media. We try to optimize the users’ interactions with a system, environment or product, so that they match the users’ tasks and goals.

We offer follwing User Experience Design services::
User Interface Design

A good user interface empowers the user in achieving the goals/tasks in most efficient way. It is very critical that the UI should be very easy to use and maps the users task models.

Whenever end-users feel that, it is “not easy to learn”, “too cumbersome”, “not easy to use”, and then an otherwise excellent product could fail.

User Interface design involves deciding on where and how crucial information is displayed on a screen and figuring out the logical flow of the applications.

The experienced, passionate & talented team at User Lab Asia has expertise on - Information Architecture, Interaction Design and Visual Design to assist companies in making their products easy to learn, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and marketable.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is necessary to find out how people use a specific software application, product or a website. It helps in evaluating the usefulness and usability of a product or an application.

It not only reflects the mismatch between the user expectations and the behavior & interaction style of the application/product or service but sometimes “pin-points the problems in the overall strategy and offerings” of the product/application.

Technically - User testing can be done any time during the design process. But - formative testing conducted during early product development stages would identify the “clear goals the product/application should achieve” to make it successful in real markets! Summative testing helps to know how users actually behave with the product and where the key usage roadblocks are.

Usability test sessions are conducted with the test users comprising of actual end users and test users having similar user profile recruited through screening process. These users are asked to perform task where the test moderators not only moderates the task but also observe and understand the problems area.

USER Lab Asia has qualified and experienced professionals with cumulative usability testing experience of around 25+ years in both onsite as well as remote usability testing for industrial/consumer products and control-panels, software applications, websites, mobiles applications and services.

Expert Review

User Lab Asia experts review/evaluate the software products, application or a website on the basic usability/human factors principles (Visual, Intellectual, Memory and Motor). Areas of evaluation include clarity, error minimization, consistency, and navigation. The evaluation reflects the usability issues in the following major areas:

  • Web Site or Application Strategy
  • How clearly and effectively the objective/purpose of the site is communicated to users.

  • Information Architecture or High Level Architecture
  • How easy and clear the navigation and structure of the web site or application is?

  • Task Flows
  • How effectively the design supports the various tasks to be performed by the users.

  • Detailed Design
  • The intuitiveness, self evidence, consistency in layout including the controls/buttons, text, wordings and fonts, etc.

  • Error Handling
  • How effectively the design takes care of the human errors.

  • Facilitating positive interaction between people and their environment.
  • Quality interaction and interfaces that provide easy access to powerful functionalities to your products and services.
  • To make sure your design decisions are focused on where and how the crucial information is displayed on the product/screen.
  • Creating navigation flows, which maps perfectly to the end user’s conceptual/mental model.
  • To identify usability issues & address them in subsequent releases.
  • Creating a user experience that matters most to the end user.

  • UI Specification Document
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes and Storyboards
  • Prototypes
  • Usability Test Reports
  • Expert Review
  • Diplay & Control Design
  • Product Interfaces
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